Good, Better & Best Flooring – Factory Direct

At Home Importers we make all types of flooring in our factories including bamboo flooring, strand bamboo flooring, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and cork flooring. In each flooring category there are 3 levels of flooring that all products can be defined into:


HOME IMPORTERS GOOD LOGO GOOD – GOOD floors are designed to be an excellent value and budget oriented option for homeowners that seek to accomplish a flooring project without investing too much into the floors. Often these GOOD floors will have fewer features and benefits than higher levels which help keep the price more reasonable. These floors are ideal if you are doing a basement that is not heavy use, if you are selling a home, a contractor who is building a new home or if you are on a tight budget. There are generally a narrow selection of products in this category.

BETTER LAMINATE HOME IMPORTERS LOGOBETTER – BETTER flooring options are right in the middle of the road. With more features and benefits and a generally higher quality level than GOOD flooring BETTER floors combine those features with great value prices. BETTER floors will also offer a large amount of choices of styles, colors and fashion choices. These floors will have a longer life than GOOD floors. BETTER floors are ideal for active homes including moderate traffic while still maintaining a tight budget.

BEST CATEGORY HOME IMPORTERS LOGOBEST – BEST flooring choices are the highest reviewed and highest quality floors available in a given flooring category. Additionally BEST floors will have more unique style features including widths, lengths, surface styles and better quality longer lasting flooring finishes. These floors are designed for a lifetime of use in most moderate to heavy residential environments. Kitchens, Family Rooms, Living Rooms and the most active areas of the home are ideal for this higher level of flooring.


No matter if you decide to choose GOOD FLOORING, BETTER FLOORING or BEST FLOORING you can rest assured that you are buying direct from the factory and that gives you the opportunity to take out all the middle layers of mark up that normally cost so much. If you compare our prices with your local Carpet One*, Flooring America* or Abbey Carpet* store you will see that our prices are substantially below theirs because of our factory direct value proposition. In fact you can compare our prices to Home Depot*, Lowes*, Menards* or other big box options and you will see that the HOME IMPORTERS value is incomparable. Dare to compare anytime and you’ll see that the IMPORTERS group of websites will always give you the highest value.

*All brands are registered trademarks of their respective owners and has no association with those brands directly or indirectly. We are their competition and not afraid to compare our prices with their prices!

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