Tips On Shopping For Flooring

Shopping for flooring can be tricky, but it’s easier today than it ever has been. Even though there are more flooring options than in years past, there are more floors suitable for addressing our needs. And our needs, of course, are that we need it to stand up to traffic in the form of children, pets, houseguests, dirty boots and all the rest we do to our flooring.

Technology has now reached the point where we can do more with natural materials and more inexpensively. We’ve gotten smarter, more efficient, more aggressive in finding better ways and while we’re not there, we’re light years beyond where we were twenty years ago.

Carpet used to be the most popular flooring, but it has lost tremendous ground to hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring and even cork flooring. Carpet has improved over the years, but it will never be as durable or easy to maintain as high quality hard surface flooring. Properly chosen, the right hard surface floor can last a lifetime.

The first step is determining the type of subfloor you have. There are many floors (like most solid hardwood flooring) where installation over concrete isn’t recommended. For example, if you have a concrete subfloor and would like hardwood, engineered wood flooring is your best bet.

Engineered hardwood floors are made using multiple layers of wood and a veneer of treated wood on the surface. The veneer will vary in species, as will the amount of plies used in its construction. These factors help determine a floor’s overall quality, as well as the finish (amount of coats and quality used).

When shopping for engineered wood floors, you want to be sure you look at all these things, including the thickness of the floor. You’ll want to measure from the subfloor to the bottom of doors so you know how much clearance you have. The amount of plies a floor has will also determine its thickness.

Other floors that are excellent choices for concrete subfloors are laminate flooring, solid bamboo flooring, engineered bamboo flooring, click vinyl planks. Other than solid bamboo flooring, these floors can be floated.

If you have wood subfloors, you have a lot of options. You can choose almost anything, then it becomes a matter of personal preference. In other words, the world of flooring is virtually wide open and you can pick what you like, almost without restrictions.

At Home Importers, we design our products based on the strength and weaknesses of exisitng brand name floors and you’ll see our specifications listed next to each. It’s important to be armed with all the information so that you can compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges.


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