Cork Flooring is Changing Everything

At Home Importers, you’ll find the highest qualty products made using the highest quality natural and recycled materials. We work hard to protect the environment while providing our customers with durable home accessories that will stand the test of time.

One thing we’re happy to see is cork’s popularity returning. Thie material has been used as flooring for hundreds of years, but it seemed as soon as we could produce wood flooring in mass quantities, this natural and eco-friendly flooring material would go by the wayside. It’s a shame, because cork floors have so many benefits. We’re happy to say we offer a full selection of quality cork flooring designed to our very own specifications.

One of the great things about the use of cork as a material for many things is that the only the bark of the tree is removed, not the whole tree. The natural material is harvested every 10-15 years or so and that’s used to make flooring is actually the waste from the manufacturing of products (such as wine corks).

At Home Importers, we’re big believers in this wonderful material. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, comfortable and when made well, very durable. Today’s advanced flooring finishes allow for easy cleaning and a quality cork floor can last a lifetime when well cared for.

Cork floors are available in a wide variety of natural and stained cork looks. Their plank widths, finishes, and edge types vary, as well as the surface pattern. Some feature a small granule pattern, much like the look of sand, while others show larger pieces of cork throughout the finish. This creates a stunning and unique look with every new cork floor installation. There are even cork floors that resemble hardwood floors, giving you a more traditional flooring feel.

Most of our cork floors are click cork floors, a thick layer of cork being attached to a recycled HDF core. They are designed for floating floor installations and when cork underlayment is used, you get a quiet, comfortable floor that actually helps insulate your home.

Good for your family and good for the earth, Home Importers cork flooring combines the best quality materials and our volume buying power to bring you the lowest prices on cork flooring every day.

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