Getting The Lowest Price on Bamboo Flooring

Getting the lowest price on bamboo flooring is easy, but what are you getting? Bamboo is a wonderful construction material and very hard. It’s been used for thousands of years in China and we’re only now beginning to make good use of this sustainable resource here in the States. As flooring, bamboo can be an excellent option, but only if it’s made correctly.

At, we sell on the highest quality bamboo flooring made the way bamboo floors should be made. Bamboo is often sold as a green flooring material, but there could be several factors in the manufacturing process that damage the earth and could even damage your health.

Like any industry, competition takes shortcuts to be able to offer the lowest price on bamboo floors. They use inferior bamboo, inferior adhesives and formaldehyde finishes. They expose of chemicals illegally in rivers, streams, or wherever they can do so without getting caught. In some parts of the world, it’s easy to do and hard to enforce the rules.

When you buy new flooring from, you’re getting a guarantee that your earth-friendly floor is in fact eco-friendly flooring. Through you’ll find some of the finest bamboo floors made in solid bamboo flooring, engineered bamboo flooring, strand woven bamboo flooring and more.

Our bamboo floors are made by the factories we choose and to the exact specifications we desire. We don’t just buy in volume, we sell so much bamboo flooring that we can keep factories busy making floors just for us. That relationship also allows us to offer low prices on bamboo flooring, the only difference is that you get a better floor without having to pay extra.

In our extensive selection, you’ll find natural bamboo, carbonized bamboo, stained bamboo, hand scraped bamboo flooring and even click bamboo flooring in all of the styles just listed. Shopping is easy, simply order your samples right from the website and they’ll arrive at your home in a couple of days.

And if you need a couple of shopping tips for bamboo floors, make sure you check the sample in the different lights of day, different areas of the room and see what it looks like as the light changes. If you’re trying to make a small space appear larger, a light, natural bamboo can perform wonders and also be a perfect floor for a high traffic area. All of our floors are protected by more finish coats and aluminum oxide for the best performance.

Our success is based on our customers loving their floors and getting the best value. Flooring is too big an investment to take any chances, and when you buy a floor from any branch of the tree, rest assured you’re getting the most floor for your dollar.



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