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Bamboo floors are so popular for a reason. Actually, they are popular for several reasons. Bamboo flooring is one of the greenest floors on earth as bamboo is a sustainable, renewable and abundant resource. It is also very hard and in fact, harder than oak or even maple. Because of this, it makes perfect sense for use as a floor and more importantly, a bamboo floor is simply stunning.

Bamboo is available in solid bamboo or engineered bamboo in horizontal, vertical and strand woven bamboo styles.  It can be carbonized, which means the bamboo is steamed until the natural sugars caramelize and the color changes, or it can be stained to make various colors. Today you’ll find hand scraped bamboo, bamboo with beveled edges and ends and even bamboo that looks just like hardwood.

Bamboo also makes a lot of sense for outdoor use. Bamboo decking is a wonderful, natural alternative to wood decking. It is extremely durable, weather resistant and nothing quite makes a statement like a freshly installed bamboo deck.

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