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Cork has been used for centuries to make bottle corks for various types of liquid, bulletin boards and even flooring. But cork flooring really didn’t hit its stride until the last ten years or so, mainly because a heightened sense of environmental awareness and the ability to have all the information at our fingertips has led us to cork being a sensible, practical and beautiful green floor.  The material is from the bark of the cork tree which is never cut down.

Cork is naturally mold and mildew resistant, hypoallergenic and has qualities that other natural materials don’t possess. It’s a great acoustical barrier meaning when you install a cork floor and a cork underlayment, you’re getting the ultimate sound barrier. You’re also insulating your space. Cork becomes a functioning part of your home.

Cork floors are beautiful and unique, but for those who prefer the timeless look of hardwood flooring, there are now cork floors that look like wood. Easy to maintain, comfy, eco-friendly and efficient; that’s cork flooring.

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