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Laminate Importers

Laminate burst upon the scene in 1996 and quickly secured its place as one of the most popular flooring choices.  Consumers were enamored with its wood look, its ease to maintain and its affordability. It also became a great option for replacing vinyl, or even installing over a vinyl floor. Because a laminate floor was a floating floor, it could easily be floated over an existing floor and people loved it.

Fifteen years later, laminate floors are light years ahead of what they were. And the ones you’ll find at are the very best click laminate floors in the world. Wood laminates are now offered in every style you can imagine, like hand scraped laminates, beveled edge laminates, even hand scraped laminates and all can be installed by an inexperienced hand. Laminate flooring has never been easier, and we make it easier than ever to buy.

Visit Laminate Importers

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