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You factory direct source for easy to install vinyl flooring. We all remember the days when it seemed it was always carpet for the bedrooms, living room, hall and then vinyl floors for the kitchen or baths. This formula was the norm for builders and flooring consumers across the United States, and in the last fifteen years or so, things have changed dramatically.

What we know today as sheet vinyl largely replaced what we used know as linoleum. Sheet vinyl floors became what we would see everywhere, but as technology advanced and more kitchen and bath floor options became available, sheet vinyl flooring would lose a lot of ground and very quickly.

Rather than lie down and die, vinyl fought back with exciting and easy to install click vinyl floors in a massive variety of looks and finishes, many, like laminate floors, looking exactly like real wood flooring. What once took an expert could now be accomplished by the casual do-it-yourself flooring installer.

There are some benefits that vinyl gives us that can’t be duplicated. It’s softer underfoot, warmer than tile and the durable finishes resist dents and scratches better than any vinyl flooring you remember from your childhood. The vinyl floors you’ll find here are factory direct, excellent quality and we’ve categorized them into three simple categories to make shopping a little easier for you.

At, we’ve designed the entire experience to make it easier for you, from looking at your first floor to installing your last one. Plus, you get real factory direct savings on vinyl flooring. It’s a great formula for success to which our customers can attest.

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