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Hardwood flooring has been around for hundreds of years and is essentially what replaced dirt as flooring. While more abundant in North America and used from floor to ceiling as a construction material, trees were less abundant in Europe and hard wood floors were reserved for the rich and powerful.

At the turn of the century, technology would begin making it possible for the more common-folk to have tongue and groove hardwood and parquet floors, and the hardwood flooring industry would be off and running.

Today hardwood floor options are endless, spanning every species, style and finish you can imagine. At one time, natural oak soundly dominated as the most popular wood floor, and it’s still very popular, but the available hardwood choices have changed everything.  Fifty years ago it was engineered wood flooring, and today it is click hardwood flooring with a recycled HDF core. Didn’t know about it? That’s just one of the many exciting new choices you’ll see in hardwood floors.

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